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Q: Why choose Complete Security Solutions as my service provider?

A: Complete Security Solutions manages and services all of its customers directly and we do so with the highest regard towards providing them with the utmost in customer care and respect. Unlike other firms, we are not in the business to sell-off our customers accounts.

Q: Can I actually save money by installing a monitored security system?

A: Yes, insurance companies know the value of having a monitored security system may save you up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance when we provide you with a "Certificate of Installation".

Q: Why do I need a monitored alarm system?

A: By having your alarm system monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the proper authorities can be notified and dispatched in the event of an alarm.

Q: What happens if the alarm goes off?

A: First, a signal is sent to our ULC approved central monitoring station. A dispatcher will then call the premises to verify the alarm condition.
If someone answers the phone they will be asked to provide their secret "passcard" number which identifies them.
If a correct "passcard" number is not provided, authorities will be dispatched immediately.
If there is no answer at the premises, the dispatcher will try to contact the first person on your emergency contact list.
If there is still no answer the authorities will be dispatched and the monitoring station will continue attemptinf to contact remaining people on your contact list.

Q: What happens when the authorities arrive at my home/business?

A: A complete search of the property will be conducted looking for signs of forced entry and act accordingly.

Q: What if I have pets? Will they trigger the motion sensors and set off my alarm?

A: We can install "pet-immune" motion detectors that will not be triggered by dogs or cats moving around in your home.

Q: Would my integrated smoke detectors still work if my alarm system is not armed?

A: Yes, integrated smoke detectors are constantly active and will trigger the system to full alarm state, while notifying our central station.

Q: Will my alarm system be easy to use?

A: Yes, once installation is complete the installer will provide you with basic training on system operation and explain the user friendly functions available. The system will also be fully tested and you will be provided with a user's manual.

Q: Can I add equipment to my alarm system later?

A: Yes, all of our alarm systems are fully upgradeable to meet your changing needs.
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